Our Mission – Vision & Goals


Our mission is to provide supports to autistic people that will help them to fulfil their goals, to provide information to them and their families, and to promote an understanding in the community.

The best way to be fulfilled is to help others!

Let’s remember that we are all equal!


Our Vision is a world where autistic people have the same opportunities to work, socialize and participate as everyone else.


To ensure that our community have an outlet to prevent social isolation by developing and deploying a number of social engagement programs nationwide

To operate at our highest level and achieve best practice in all areas of governance

To ensure we continue to operate and expand services to more young people, adults and their families

To develop and grow Aspire Productions training programme. To enhance the learning experience of our trainees and diversify our onboard system streams

To cultivate a positive workplace culture that is inclusive and supportive of all staff

Never give up, always achieve your goals