Domiciliary care allowance

This is a monthly payment, it is for those caring for a child with a disability. The care provided by the individual must assist the child to carry out daily life and activities.
To qualify, the child must

Have a disability that lasts at least 12 months

Be under the age of 16

Meet the medical criteria (see below)

Be residing in the State

Medical criteria

The child must have a disability that requires care significantly above the care of a child of the same age who does not have a disability. This may not be based on the type of impairment or disease but the resulting challenges that imply that the child needs extra care and attention.

The Medical Examiner of the Department will take the following into account while reviewing the case:

The history of the case

Medical reports provided

The account of the parent/carer in relation to the extra care and attention that the child requires

If refused on your first application, you can request a review from a different Medical Examiner in the Department of Social Protection.

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Carers Allowance

A payment made to individuals caring for a person who needs support due to illness, old age or disability. In addition to the payment, there are free household benefits and a free travel pass included in this payment. To qualify for this payment, both the person providing care, and the person receiving care must meet certain criteria.

To qualify you must


Live with the individual or be in a position to provide full time care and attention to the person (who does not normally reside in an institution/residential care)

Reside in the State

Be over the age of 18

Not be engaged in employment, training or education for more than 15 hours per week

If engaged in these activities for less than 15 hours per week, adequate care for the individual must be arranged

The person being cared for must

Be over the age of 16 and in need of significant care and attention beyond that of a person of the same age

Be under the age of 16 and in receipt of domiciliary care allowance

In need of constant care and supervision to avoid danger to themselves and to allow them to carry out daily activities and basic functions


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Carers Support Grant

Carers Support Grant is an annual allowance paid to carer’s. This payment can be used to fund respite care, but this is the decision of the carer. It can be paid to carer’s who are not in receipt of the Carer’s Allowance.

To qualify for the carer’s support grant, you must be

Over 16 and residing in Ireland

Caring for the person full time and for longer than a 6 month period


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Disability Allowance

This is a weekly social welfare payment to people who have a disability. Although everyone with autism is able to apply for this allowance, not everyone will be deemed eligible.

To qualify for disability allowance you must


Be aged between 16 and 66

Have a disability, mental health issue or disease that is likely to last more than a year and significantly impair your ability to work in a position that would be otherwise suitable for a person of the same age and qualifications

Satisfy a medical assessment. Your doctor will complete a medical assessment form and a decision will be reached by the medical assessment team in the Department.

Satisfy a means test and habitual residence conditions. Your total means must fall below a certain level. An example of primary items that count as means are: cash income, savings, investments and maintenance paid to you.

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