Supports in College

Disability support services differ within each college. Applying for college through the DARE scheme will link you in with the disability services automatically. Alternatively, call in to the disability service office and make an appointment to discuss your needs.
Here are examples of the kinds of supports available in further education.

Academic support

Academic support is not specific to students with disabilities. It is a great resource for anyone having difficulty studying and structuring essays. This service can also support with;
Creating a study timetable

Referencing styles

How to read academic journals

Using technology to improve your writing style

Examination support

Exam support will depend on your diagnosis and if you require supports. Nevertheless, it is important to discuss what supports are available to you with the disability service. Supports available include;
The use of a scribe

Having a separate room

Extra time, for example, 10 minutes extra per hour

The use of a computer

Occupational therapy support

Occupational therapy support helps students to manage their time and coursework along with identifying positive social experiences to try. Additionally, it can support students with;
Developing a selfcare routine

Independent living skills

Communication skills

Identifying social opportunities

Assistive technology

Assistive technology makes completing tasks easier. These supports can help with a variety of issues such as;
Apps to improve grammar

Tools to help take notes

Speech to text technology

Apps to support productivity levels

Financial support

There are a number of financial supports in place for students in further education. For example, these supports can support students with buying of books, equipment, and the costs of attending college. However, please note that none of these are specific to students with a disability.
Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) offers financial support for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Back to Education Allowance Scheme provides financial assistance to those in receipt of certain social welfare payments who are returning to full time education.

Springboard offers free further education courses for those in and out of employment.

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