School vs College

The transition between school and college can be difficult to navigate, this may cause increased stress and or anxiety. Here are a few differences between secondary school and further education.

Differences in the classroom

You no longer have to call your teachers ‘sir’ or ‘miss’. Lecturers, and tutors usually go on a first name basis.

You will probably be allowed to bring a laptop into your class to take notes.

There will most likely be boys and girls in your class.

You don’t have to wear a uniform anymore. Unless specific for your course (Nursing, Culinary Arts etc).

You may be allowed bring your tea or coffee into class with you.

There are no set seats in college, unless assigned by your lecturer or tutor.

Differences in time and study:

Your timetable may not be completely full, you may have 2 or 3 hour gaps in your day which you will need to fill.

You will be expected to do a lot of independent learning outside of your classroom hours.

You will have different modules during your time in college. Some courses change these with each semester (before Christmas and after Christmas), others will be changed every year so you have the same modules for the full college year.

Social differences

You don’t have to ask to go to the bathroom. In college you are in charge of your own bodily functions.

There will be multiple places to get food and drinks on the campus, there will be a canteen and a coffee shop or café etc.

You can bring your own lunch to college and eat it in the canteen. This is a great way of saving money and not having to worry about long queues in the college canteen.

Smoking is permitted in designated areas on the college grounds.

There may be a bar or pub on the campus.

There are clubs and societies that you can join, from extreme frisbee, to rugby, computers and dance. Each college has their own unique set of ‘clubs and socs’.

You can drive to college and park on the college grounds.

Difference in supports

You will have access to the disability support service in your college for supports.

You may have had an SNA in school, you will not have an SNA in college.